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SHILSOFT® software developers established in 1994 with a purpose to develop integrated system for finance, inventory and production accounting. Such system was developed and installed for the first time in 1994 -1995 in a Surat based company.

In 1994 when SHILSOFT® started development of the solution, it was DOS Novell era with character-based technology. Then came 16 bit windows- 64 bit windows- Client/ Server systems and now latest WEB / Mobile / Note / Tablet enabled solutions.

Accossoft being only product, SHILSOFT® has always kept pace with new emerging technologies and has upgraded its solution to new up-to-date technologies. Presently Accossoft is available on WEB enabled, Client / Server, Windows and non-RDBMS platforms. Features and facilities, which are available in Accossoft, are available identically on all these platforms.

In fact SHILSOFT® offers unique advantage to its customer to seamlessly migrate from lower platform to higher platform without having to re-train end-users or without having to re-enter data which is already captured in the system. There is no disruption in working, even customization if any that may have been done for peculiar use of customer, and it will also be available in higher version. Our business policy also protects money investment of customers e.g. when a customer wants to migrate to higher version, SHILSOFT® charges only incremental price for higher version, thereby giving rebate for investment made by customer already .

SHILSOFT® customers include companies from reputed business houses like TVS, Bajaj, SUZUKI, Hero Honda, YAMAHA, Dealears, Wholesalers, Traders, Jewelers, Financiers, Builders, Hospitals, Transports, Joint Ventures with international companies like Diamonds Manufacturers and many more.

SHILSOFT® has successfully proved that it can stand one to one with the global players in Indian Market following a very simple philosophy: Think globally, act locally”.

SHILSOFT® is a ‘Single Product Company’, with full focus on ‘Accossoft’.

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