We take this opportunity to introduce PCSOFT and our ERP solution Int-E-View to you.

PCSOFT has developed ERP package known as Int-E-View which is TRULY suited for Indian business requirements e.g. EXCISE, TDS, Sales Tax, Sub-contractor Accounting are statutory requirements and they have been seamlessly incorporated in Int-E-View in addition to usual features of ERP software. Entire business operations viz. purchase, inventory, production, Machine/Opera­tor monitoring and utilization, Excise, sales, distribution, accounts, finance, personnel, payroll, material requirement planning, capacity requirement planning have been integrated homogene­ously including data updation for multiple location via modem by telephone lines, VSAT or through WEB enabled connectivity.

Int–E-View design philoso­phy is that user should be required to enter any data only once (no duplication) and it should instantaneously update all related records. We have put in more than 2000-man years and implementation experience of more than 400 companies to perfect Int-E-View. It is completely matured and proven package and still flexible to accommodate needs peculiar to your business and ever changing statutory changes in tax laws. Tax laws rules and business rules are defined in parameterized form and user can modify it if there is any change in tax laws or business rules.

We have been in this business for last 20 years. We have a team of 80 people working on software development.

We have more than 400 installations. Oldest installation is as old as 9 years and is working smoothly. Largest installation is having turn­over of Rs 1000+ crores and smallest as low as Rs 5 crores.

You will be able to generate online Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and outstanding Debtors position at any point of time as all of this get updated instantaneously after each and every entry.

Int-E-View is the ONLY true Indian ERP software designed to comply with Indian statutory and business conditions. Following are exclusive features of Int-E-View.

Int-E-View allows end users to change the BUSINESS RULES independ­ently without our help. You DO NOT NEED COMPUTER PROGRAMMER to change business rules. Any time there is change in rules your operators can incorporate them with proper password access and they will come in effect immediately from next moment.

Int-E-View provides for credit control limit checks before dispatch is made . System can be configured to either give only warning and proceed or it can give warning and stop supply.

Int-E-View provides SECURITY of data and allows TRACTABILITY as to who entered original transaction, which modified transaction with date, time and the modification done.

Int-E-View offers facility to modify existing reports and generate your own reports and attach it to our package.  It also allows end users to add referential field and routines to validate them. System generates more than 3000 reports.

Int-E-View is available on various platforms viz. Client/Server with RDBMS like Oracle, MS SQL 2000 , SQL 2005 or , Windows, and programs are portable from one platform to another platform within hours without disturbing work. Any one of these versions can also work on WEB.  WEB enabled version means your server becomes IIS server and your customers with proper password can directly login in and see with internet browser pre-defined data and place their orders.

Int-E-View also supports interface with LOTUS NOTES /  MS  EX­CHANGE for your work flow automation and e-mail messaging . Also it provides a interface with BI tool, Production scheduler or MS project.

Int-E-View provides EDI , BAR CODE and AutoCAD interface which are must for factory automation .

Int-E-View facilitates modern management technique like BPR, JIT, ABC and Management by exception.

Int-E-View is employee independent i.e. employees may come and go but systems will remain in place. Int-E-View in fact reduces requirement manpower.

Int-E-View is ISO 9000/ QS sustainer.

Int-E-View is not industry specific. Our clients include heavy engineering, light engineering, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, agro, projects, services, construction, paper, electronics assembly etc

Int-E-View supports multi– company, multi–division, multi–factory, and multi-unit consolidation. Preparation of P&L a/c by product, by-cost center, by division (SBU) is possible.

Int-E-View supports multi-currency transactions, Joint venture accounting (with multiple year ends like Jan- Dec, Apr-Mar) , Forward buying and selling of foreign exchange .

Int-E-View supports multiple methods of inventory valuations viz. Weighted FIFO, LIFO, Standard Costing, and Last Purchase price. Inventory Valuation can be online or periodical i.e. monthly.

Int-E-View provides Inventory and Sundry debtors statements required to be furnished to Banks for Drawing Power computation and administration thereby avoiding penal interest and embarrassment

Int-E-View provides E-filing and ready statements for sales tax returns (monthly, yearly), Sales Tax form lists for follow up and reminders.

Int-E-View supports multiple rates of depreciation and provides computation and statement as per Company law and Income Tax.

Int-E-View provides cash flow forecast for future receipts and payments and Ratio Analysis.

Int-E-View supports period closing and period locking facility for closing periods for which your audit is over and you do not need to keep those periods open.

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