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Conference Room Pilot (C.R.P.) »

The following is the guidelines defining the scope, procedures, and methodology to implement ERP software. This is called ‘C.R.P.’ run. After selecting required modules of ‘Int-E-view’ the CRP run starts.

Successful implementation of any ERP requires change in attitudes and old habits. As it builds a good foundation for information flow in your organization, the importance of Int-E-View has to be understood at all levels. 

This procedure is evolved based on our invaluable experience gathered while implementing Int-E-view for past decade in India. These steps are binding for the customer as well as PCSOFT. This will also ensure that the cost and time will be minimal for all concerned. Please plan a schedule with date commitment from all the concerned departments.

Once agreed, this implementation methodology is to be followed religiously and will be binding on both the parties, cost and time incurred for implementing ERP will be minimal for both Customer & PCSOFT.

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Implementation Methodology »

CRP - Conference Room Pilot - is done with your actual data for one month or one cycle, whichever is less.

Successful completion of CRP run ensure following

  1. Your system is set up correctly.
  2. Whatever reports you are getting from system are exactly as per your requirements.
  3. Information appearing in reports is accurate; nothing is missing and covers all relevant aspect.

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The Multi Platform ERP Solutions »

Information Technology is changing very fast. Very careful consideration is necessary while deciding the investment in the Computer Hardware & Software. This not only protects your past investment but future investments as well.

Int-E-View can be implemented on the platform of your choice.

Clients / Server Version PLATFORM
Server Operating System MS Windows NT Server Version 4.0
Clients (Nodes) Operating System MS Windows 95 or 98 or Windows NT 4 Workstation
Database System ORACLE or MS SQL or ANY RDBMS
Windows Version PLATFORM
Server Operating System MS Windows NT Server Ver: 4.0
Clients (Nodes) Operating System MS Windows 95 or 98 or Windows NT 4 Workstation

Anyone of the above versions can be made WEB enabled:

Server: Third party WEB application software Microsoft Terminal Server Edition 4.0 Or Microsoft Windows 2000
Thin Client: On Client side Windows OS with any Internet Browser software to access the server using WAN connection. MS Windows 95 or 98 or Windows NT 4 Workstation

The best part while migrating to higher version is that the look and feel of various menus remains unchanged and therefore no re-training is required. Our experts quickly handle the 'up sizing' of data. Since this is a single product company, and we write all the core programs, we have complete control on the software. User need not worry about technology changes anymore. After all your peace of mind is our business!

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Connectivity »

||Option I||

De-centralised server

Assume that the company has Head Office and two factories all located at different locations e.g. A, B and C. Under this option , these locations will NOT be connected on line . These locations will have independent servers. HO server is treated as Master and factory servers are treated as slaves servers. Slave server will work independently and will have all data that is generated at that location. Incremental data will be uploaded or down loaded from slave server to master server and vice-versa. For example Purchase Order is generated at HO and Goods inward note is made at factory. In this case PO data will be sent from HO to Factory and when GIN is made at factory GIN data will be sent back to HO for bill passing. In this option you will not be required to incur on line connectivity cost either by way of leased lines or VSAT .

Data transfers from location A to location B may be through emails, floppies, or remote file transfer through modems.

||Option II||

Central server

There will be single server and users from all locations will log in from remote locations to main server. They will be connected on line and will work on main server only . In this option requires on line connectivity either by way of leased lines or VSAT .

||Option III||

WEB enabled version .

In this case user will have one server at main location which becomes internet information server ( IIS) . It will have to have fixed IP address and wide enough telephone line . All other remote locations will login through internet to main server . There is NO need to have leased lines for point to point connection or VSAT line.

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