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Heavy Engineering Industries »

Int-E-View support functionality mission critical functionalities for lot tracking, heat readings tracking , yields analysis , data for rejection analysis , auxiliary units of measurements for weights and numbers tracking . Allied functionalities like transporters bill passing , subcontractor bill passing , automatic scrap generation . etc .

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Light Engineering Industries »

Light Engineering industries like fan manufacturing , medical equipment manufacturers, sheet metal processors like auto ancillaries , crane and hoist manufacturers use Int-E-View to support their operations. Int-E-view supports bye product accounting, multi-level BOMs, Alternative BOM. Critical material source tracking for traceability is supported by system .

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Pharmaceuticals Industries »

In today’s corporate world where industries are going through a recessionary phase and margins have shrinked there is an urgent need to reduce costs. Under such enduring circumstances, companies are resorting to ERP as means to achieve these objectives. ERP as a concept has been sold quite successfully in India and there are numerous ERP vendors offering their products claiming its suitability to all industries. What many companies really fail to consider is the fact that ERP is a bare concept and what really makes it successful is the features and adaptability of the product. Hence, we find various products suitable to some segment but not the complete package as a whole.

One industry that really has many peculiarities attached to it in form of process flow, statutory compliance’s and strict controls in the Pharmaceutical industry. Pharma companies are governed by Food and Drugs Act and have to maintain Costing Records for Cost Audit purposes. Hence, they have to adhere to strict norms and comply with unique requirements like Batch Costing, Tracking, and History. As the industry deals with perishable and health related items utmost importance is given to issues like quality testing at every stage of process, Shelf life calculations Quarantine lead time and batch size/ pack size attached to the product. In addition, many Pharma industries are multi-location and lot of agencies is involved in the total chain from production to distribution. It is typically teamwork of various factories, offices, clearing agents, dealers and most importantly the field staffs or the medical representatives and a proper flow of information through all these channels is important.

Pharma companies who intent to go for an integrated system needs to take care of all these considerations. Thus considering the complex nature of the industry “Int-E-View ERP” has Pharma features which takes care of all these requirements and reduces the extent of customization unlike other ERP’s wherein all these complex requirements needs to be studied, tested and then only implemented. “Int-E-View” also Connects the whole chain from multiple Works, Loan licensee, Depots, C&F, Consignment agents, Medical Representatives to Head Office without actually using a wide area network and integrates the complete chain seamlessly. “Int-E-View ERP” is a tested and matured product and that is the reason why companies like Intervet Vet Laboratories (Hoechst Roussel Vet, Hindustan MAX-GB, Associated Capsules etc have selected “Int-E-View ERP”. It also has in-built features like batch pricing for Net Dealer Price (NDP), Trade retail Price (TRP), excise calculations for dispatches based on NDP for Consignment Agents, QC Tests and interlocking for issues and dispatches etc. “Int-E-View ERP” keeps track of the Batch/Lot by tracking it right from its issue stage till the stage it reaches the CA.

Thus, “ Int-E-View ERP” is a tested, mature, relevant, and compatible product that is catering to the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry.

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Food and Beverages »

Food and beverages industries like masala ( spices) manufacturers , ready to eat gravy manufacturers , ready to eat other product manufacturers are using Int-E-View . Specific requirements pertaining to these industries like Case wise price list,., Case wise scheme list, Packing details with multiple packing, Packing details in GIN, Active non active price list, Transporter information in transfer documents with transporter amount, Scheme code in every transfer ,Default GTA item in GRN ,Excise calculation MRP – certain % and excise will be calculated on this amount, multiple UOMs , Rounding off for grand total in export invoices,Two discounts in export. Second discount is applicable for total amount with customer wise discounts , Batch wise consumption, Manufacturing Plant wise Bill of Material, Auto Item Lot allotment on FIFO basis., Case wise Rate for CSD (Canteen Store Department) & Export, Discount calculation in Export Invoice, Definition of separate master for GTA, Scheme Code at GTA level, Area wise item wise tax codes.

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Paper Industries »

Keeping track of processes, production in reels, maintenance of stocks in reels, reams, cut sheets, sale by weight and also by numbers, Cost drivers other than basic raw materials like energy ( power , steam) , chemicals, water , engineering maintenance items . Quality parameter and values capturing for process control and data for process monitoring and improvement of processes etc.

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Projects – Budget, Tracking, Allocation, Monitoring :

Int-E-View ERP solution has a special module to handle Project specifics. It covers project –wise accounting, project wise budget, projects tracking, projects monitoring, project – wise reporting etc

System works on principal of assigning a parent project order number (say OC– Order confirmation - number or SO – Sales Order- number). In each of transaction that is entered in system pertaining to the project, project order number will also be captured e.g. while placing purchase order for a particular project, system will require you to enter project number. While raising works order system will require you to enter project number. Wherever it already exists in system it will be inherited and defaulted by-system e.g. while preparing GIN when you enter purchase order number. System will default project number from purchase order or while transferring material against works order system will default project number from works order which has been pre defined. Not only system tracks project for material movement i.e. from s/o to w/o to production and to p/o for input but also for accounts transaction of bill passing, money payment, receipts

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Route Sales »

FMCG companies like soft drinks manufacturers, Ice creams, cooking gas or specialty gas manufacturers need this kind of functionality which involves tracking of contents sells and also tracking of container movements etc . Following functionality is supported by system . Define control components for capture of data which will be applicable to route sell transactions , eg quantity, value , Cash Deposit, Employee Variance, entered data , derived data . Route Sale Transaction Entry of load, Entry of reloads, Entry of unload, Entry of cash receipt are supported . Employee wise accounting for complete route sell is possible

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Loading and Unloading »

Loading and unloading of mobile sales vans is also supported by system . You have load function and unload function . Single load/ multiple loads , vehicle to vehicle transfer of loads are supported .

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FMCG companies critical information capture is for keeping supply lines filled , not letting them also choked up , supporting various sales schemes , variety of pricing structures, gift schemes, multiple SKUs , stockiest , depots , branches , C&Fs etc are supported by system.

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Software / Service Companies »

Software / Service companies generally work on projects basis where highest cost is human cost – system helps keep track of same by project, by customer, by country which ever way it is desired or required. Information capture at source and availability for analysis at any given point are key requirements . System has excellent facility to capture data based on multiple, profit centre/cost centre/ pro.

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