Int-E-View Core
Int-E-View Core is a pragmatic bare-bone version of our ERP system. We think of it as an "Essentials Only" adaptation since it contains only the “Core Modules” of the ERP solution. Int-E-View Core is budget friendly and highly suited for Mid-Market firms who are not ready to take advantage of a full-fledged ERP system. This adaptation can also facilitate firms who are first time ERP users. As depicted in the image below, Int-E-View Core has Finance, Inventory and Production ONLY which is the central kernel (or mainstay) of the Int-E-View ERP application.
Int-E-View Core - The "Essentials ONLY" Adaptation

It is quite possible for today's budding industrial houses to begin their ERP initiative by adopting Int-E-View Core at the onset and then quickly migrating to the full-fledged Int-E-View Enterprise solution, a year or two later, when their business operations have grown and requirements have reached a greater magnitude. Most SME firms will find that all essential daily chores and routine responsibilities can be carried out effectively with the low cost Int-E-View Core version. Int-E-View Core like its larger sister product has many built in routines which systematically and effortlessly handles Indian Statutory compliance including (but not limited to) - Excise, Service Tax, VAT, TDS, WCD and Entry tax.

The Finance and Accounting section is not by any means a curtailed version (it is a full blown module). The finance/accounting functional area gives you the power to handle General Ledgers accounts, Payables, Receivables, Budgeting, Consolidation, Term-End accounting and all other aspects found in the larger version.

You also can also handle Fixed Assets such as property, plant and equipment and various depreciation methodologies. Int-E-View Core complies with all regulations of GAAP and IFRS. Even

without upgrading to the Enterprise edition it is possible for the client to adopt one or more extension offered by PCSoft. A common extension which clients prefer is Payroll although you may also opt for CRM, Production Scheduler or others.
The implementation of Int-E-View Core is highly straight forward and can be executed in very little time. PCSoft offers consulting, customization and post sales support exactly like the larger version. However given the much smaller number of modules, the lesser extent of customization and the smaller scope of complex business processes - typically clients become self sufficient immediately upon going live and very little difficulties are ever faced.
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