Int-E-View Enterprise
Int-E-View Enterprise is our flagship product. It is a complete all inclusive ERP solution that has a modular structure that serves the needs of companies of various sizes and magnitudes. The ERP solution has evolved over 25 yrs of review and improvement and currently version number 9.1 is commercially available. Int-E-View Enterprise consists of several modles including production, finance, inventory and several others as described in Fig. 1 below.
Int-E-View Enterprise
Many modules are specifically manufacturing based. The independant modules inter-relate seamlessly and provide real-time information to one another, which reduces the possibility of redundancy errors. Int-E-View is built on a centralised database method and utilises a common computing platform. It is the best tool for Indian firms and helps consolidate all operations into a uniform enterprise wide environment.

Int-E-View is built on a client server technology which means that it can be distributed across the network. it supports various hardware configurations and is database independant (supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, 9i and all other popular commercial databases). An important facet of Int-E-View is support for manufacturing and the planning of all resources connected to manufacturing. Int-E-View supports manufacturing activities that are 'Built to Order' and 'Built to Stock'. The manufacturing part of Int-E-View is an important sub-section (or sub application) which supports Bill of Materials (BOM), work orders, work flow management, cost control, quality control and also scheduling and capacity planning.
The operational core includes 3 basic modules which work in a cojoined fashion in the heart of the ERP system. The finance section includes accounting practices, fixed assets, accounts payable/receivable, cash management, trial balance, general ledger etc. The inventory section includes a sizeable warehouse management component. Many special purpose units in it are clubbed with the Core ERP to augment functionality. Some of these include:
  • Remote Access Unit
  • ISO Compliance Unit
  • Human Resource Attendance and Rostering Unit
  • Quality Control Unit
  • Customer Contact Unit
  • And many more

Some Benefits of Int-E-View Enterprize (among many others) -

There are five major reasons why you should undertake Int-E-View’ ERP. Further the Int-E-View ERP forces systematic and ease of working, Discipline and various controlled actions.

Integrate financial information—As the CEO tries to understand the company's overall performance, he may find many different versions of the truth. Finance has its own set of revenue numbers, sales has another version, and the different business units may each have their own version of how much they contributed to revenues. ERP creates a single version of the truth that cannot be questioned because everyone is using the same system.

Integrate customer order information—ERP system is the place where the customer order lives from the time a sales person receives it until the loading dock ships the merchandise and finance sends an invoice. By having this information in one software system, rather than scattered among many different systems that can't communicate with one another, company can keep track of orders more easily, and coordinate manufacturing, inventory and shipping among many different locations at the same time.

Standardize and speed up manufacturing processes—Manufacturing company especially like yours often find that multiple business units across the company make the same widget using different methods and computer systems. ERP systems come with standard methods for automating some of the steps of a manufacturing process. Standardizing those processes and using a single, integrated computer system can save time, increase productivity and reduce head count.

Reduce inventory—ERP helps the manufacturing process flow more smoothly, and it improves visibility of the order fulfillment process inside the company. That can lead to reduced inventories of the stuff used to make products (work-in-progress inventory), and it can help users better plan deliveries to customers, reducing the finished good inventory at the warehouses and shipping docks. To really improve the flow of your supply chain ERP helps too.

Standardize HR information—In a company like yours with multiple business units, HR may not have a unified, simple method for tracking employees' time and communicating with them about benefits and services. ERP can fix that. In the race to fix these problems.

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