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Module Name
Finance »
Accounting ( G/L, Sub-G/L) , Grouping , Schedules & Presentation
Budget Accounting (On-line / Off-line)
Bill-Passing Advice / Audit – Report Generation
Bank Advice & Cheque Printing Module
Post-Dated Cheques (Payments / Receipts)
Loan Accounting (Fixed Deposits / Investments)
Bank Reconciliation, Interest, Bank-Limit Utilization
Provision Accounting (On-line / Off-line)
Captive Capitalization
Division (Cost Center / Profit-Center) – A/C
SBU Accounting with self balancing J.V (Multiple Trial Balance Group)
Item Reference in Accounting Transaction for Aux. Inv. Valuation
Bill (Invoice) Discounting + realization / crystallization
Agent Accounting
Transporter Bill Passing W.R.T. Invoicing
Lorry Receipt (LR)/ Gate Entry Module
Foreign Exchange Purchase / Sales
Multiple Audit Closures
Joint Venture parallel Accounting
Inter cost center Secondary Allocation
WIP Shop / Sub-Contractor Value Added Accounting
Insurance - transit and Fixed Assets
Dealer Security Deposit and Incentive schemes
Multi Currency & Auto Gen. of Foreign Currency gain / loss
Trial Balance Group consolidation (Pre requisites : II-14)
POP - Purchase Order Processing System »
Inventory (Item) Purchase: Account
Inventory (Item) – Purchase Order + GIN + Delivery Challan + A/C
Pre - Purchase Order (P.O.) Cycle (Indent / Enquiry / Quotation)
PO / GIN, SO / Invoice: Many to Many relationship
Supplementary Invoice of Retrospective Rate changes
Active / Non-active Vendors, Parties
EDI Interface per transaction type
SOP - Sales Order Processing System »
Inventory (Item) Purchase: Account
Inventory (Item) – Purchase Order + GIN + Delivery Challan + A/C
Pre - Sales Order (S.O.) Cycle (Enquiry / Quotation)
PO / GIN, SO / Invoice: Many to Many relationship
Customer-Gin (Inspection) Report Generation
Sales Price List Control Module
Sales / Marketing Scheme
Supplementary Invoice of Retrospective Rate changes
Active / Non-active Customers , Parties
EDI Interface per transaction type
Warranty Claims Management and Automation
Route/Mobile Van sales system
Imports - Export -Advance Licence »
Import Accounting (P.O., GIN ,Bill of Entry, C/A Bill, Bonding / De-bonding)
Export- Packing hierarchy , Documentation
Advance License (DEEC / DEPB /Duty drawback)(Pre requisites : III-13,III-16)
Taxation »
Excise (Pre-Requisites for this modules: (I) 1,2,3,6)
Excise - Single item Multiple tariffs and declaration (Pre-Requisites 12)
RG 23D Excise (Traders)
Entry Tax
Work Contract Tax automation
Sales-Tax Set –Off /on-line purchase tax set off with inventory valuation
TDS Accounting, & Automation
Inventory Management System »
Multiple Warehouse / Shop
Inventory Lot / Batch Tracking
Active / Non-active Mater Items
Containers (Bottles / Cylinders) Accounting
Drum tracking / container tracking
Auxiliary unit of measurement
Finished Goods Production + Inventory Item by size Unit Wise
Automatic Item code generation
Bar Code Interface for Material Handling Transaction
Production - Bill of Material »
Production – Account Bill-of-Material
Scrap Accounting (Production)
Sub–Contractor OUT
Sub-Contractor IN (Job-Work) & TDS Accounting
Loan Licensee
Alternate Bill Of Material ( up to 5 levels)
Bye Product - quantity /valuation automation
Works Order Tracking
FIFO transaction control
Tools (dies / moulds) Amortization (Excise, Fixed Asset, Life)
Bin Placement & Picking Automation
Quality Control »
Material Inspection & Q/C Module (Interlocking)
Rejection Quantity Module ( Purchase / Sale)
Rejection System- ATR(scrap) , RTA(Salvage),Deviation, Disposal
Production Planning & MRP Modules »
Planning MRP (Auto Indent/PO Generation / Bought – Out Schedule)
MRP based: Auto Works Order Generation + Machine loading
Tool / Gauges / Fixture Calibration & Monitoring
Machine – Operator Operation Logging & Monitoring + costing
Capacity requirement planning
Multi-Location/Multi Company / Depot Management System »
Depot / C & F / Consignment Agent (C.A.) & interface with HO + Works
Multiple Company
Group Co. Global Master
Group Co.’s Consolidation
Inter-Group Co’s Funds / Goods Transfer
Field management system & interface with Head Office (H.O.)
Remote Transfer : To and Fro to remote Server
STN automation: Send Receive: Transfer OUT / Transfer IN
STN IN-transit tracking
Security Features »
User wise Rights / Security Transaction level
Audit Trail of Modified / Deleted Transaction
User defined On-Line Printing of Master / Transaction Entries
Transaction Authorization before Posting(Finance)
Transaction Authorization before Posting( Inventory)
Joint Authorization ( Two Level ) with Slabs
Functional Rights - Role based
Database Encryption
Miscellaneous Productivity Options :
Report-Generation (Modify Existing Reports)
User Defined Reports
Mail / Date – Reminder / Transaction – Memo
Payroll System »
Essential Modules
Payroll Accounting - Basic
Income Tax deducted at Source System
Attendance-Recording Interface to Payroll
Human Resource Development
Modules for automation »
Leave Encashment
Promotion- increment- designation rate matrix- slabwise increment
DA computation based on index
Priority Table for deductions
Bank Advice , Cheque Printing Module
Interface with Int-E-View + Employee A/C JV
Interface with Int-E-View for cash entitlement
Salary reversal with interface with Int-E-View
Interface to other FA system by way of JVs
Full & Final settlement based on payroll
PF Trust Accounting Module
Monthly provision for Superannuation,Gratuity
Location by Cost Centre wise salaries JV for multi-locational company
Dearness Allowance arrears
Professional Tax Arrears


»Purchase Order Processing System
»Sales Order Processing
»Imports - Export -Advance
»Inventory Management System
»Production - Bill of Material
»Quality Control
»Production Planning & MRP Modules :
»Multi-Location/Multi Company / Depot Management System
»Security Features
»Miscellaneous Productivity Options :
»Payroll System
»Modules for automation


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