Why Only Int-E-View ERP especially Under Indian Context »

It may serve as checklist to evaluate other ERPs against Int-E-view . A case study is entered in Int-e-view to highlight each of below mentioned points. Case study also highlights how total business cycle is captured with minimum no of transactions proving its point of compact-integration compared to any other ERP products.

  • At GIN / GRN time Cenvat posting and inventory posting.
  • Inventory Valuation to consider item wise Cenvat (-), set off (-), octroi (+), freight (+), at GIN time. Valuation to consider all components (direct as well as auxiliary) contributing to the cost of inventory.
  • Cenvat posting at the time of goods transferred to and fro, from the subcontractor for processing.
  • Cost of manufactured goods sold & inventory value is derived automatic & on-line based on valuation method selected viz. Weighted Average/LIFO/FIFO.
  • On line derivation of quantity and value of Inventory, WIP at shop & subcontractor including Non material value added.
  • Inventory value of processed goods to consider automatically value added (Non material cost) at sub-contractor based on labour rate defined in P/. O. Whereas inventory value of semi-finished goods to consider automatically value added at shop floor based on application of Fixed assets (machines) & labour as defined in process sheet
  • On-line Valuation is derived based on P.O/GIN rate and may be compared with actual direct as well as auxiliary bills received later. with proper cross-reference of bills to corresponding Gins. Off-line valuation option is available to value as per bill values. Based on deviation report on line valuation may be corrected by passing item value adjustment entries.
  • Production accounting is normally based on Bill-Of-Material but can be overridden at transaction time to cater for variations in B-O-M. Total cost of goods produced=Total cost of goods consumed + Value added.
  • Modification / Removal is allowed for every type of transaction including Sale/Purchase, Money payment/Receipt transactions at anytime to instantaneously effect balance sheet. Modification/Removal option obviates the need for adjustment entries ( Finance JV or Item quantity/value adjustment).
  • Fixed asset module is handled through only normal purchase/sale transactions and the same fixed assets codes are used as M/C codes to derive value addition at shop floor.
  • All Excise Reports like Cenvat registers/ RG! / RT12/57f4/3 are automatically derived with entry of relevant excise information through purchase/ receipt, sale/issues and goods transfer transactions only without resorting to any special redundant excise transactions.
  • Auto-generation of Octroi liability based on item by party wise octroi % registered.
  • TDS liability auto generation considering net-off On account payment and Purchase bill amount.
  • Year-end procedure can be differed by user defined periods and need not be done at the end of 12th period, is transparent to end user, and does not warrant to change database of previous year transactions and automatically substitutes opening balances of Accounts and inventory as of end of 12th period.
  • Not only trial balance but also Balance sheet (takes care of inventory value and profitability) is derived on-line as soon as transactions are added/modified/removed.

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Int-E-View – An ideal ERP solution »

nt-E-View seamlessly integrates all the aspects of business comprising of over 100 optional modules. ‘Int-E-View’ can be customized to any extent to accommodate peculiarities of your business. This means ‘system’ adapts to your business practices and we do not compel users to change. BPR is not enforced but enabled.

A well-designed digital nervous system such as Int-E-View operates as an early warning system.

Int-E-View is feature rich ERP :

There are several features of Int-E-View, which makes this ERP standout. Only few noted features are mentioned here:

To reduce physical paper movement one can attach a reminder cum memo to transactions. As well facility is provided to attach a external document to a transaction or master. Int-E-View provides a interface with mail-server which enables to send the ERP-outputs to internal users as well to external parties.

Report-Generator option for modifying existing report by user is also available. On-line Balance Sheet is available. All transactions if modified / removed immediately changed balance sheet is available by keeping an audit trail of who has done what.

To restrict access, seven level of security is provided for Company, Master, Report, Transaction, Field, User, Process, etc. System allows to define the workflow with single\multiple authorization levels.

Cenvat / set-off components bye-passed in Inventory Valuation. Sales Tax, Turn Over Tax, Surcharge is automatically taken care of in our software.

This is single point entry system. At the time of GIN itself, Cenvat posting as well as inventory posting is carried out. Valuation is done considering all ‘direct’ as well as ‘auxiliary’ components, which are contributing to the cost of inventory.

Fixed Asset module gets input from normal purchase / sale transactions and the same fixed assets codes are used as machine codes to derive value addition on the shop floor. Year-end procedure can be differed by user-defined periods and need not be done at the physical end of 12th Month. This is transparent to end user, and does not warrant a change in database of previous year transactions and automatically substitutes opening balances of Accounts and inventory as of end of 12th month. Cost of manufactured goods sold and inventory value is derived automatically, and the same is on-line based on valuation method selected viz. Weighted Average / FIFO, etc.

To briefly summarize, Over 400 companies selected Int-E-View over Indian / International packages because they found Int-E-View as the only sensible ERP software which is implementable in a short time with desired flexibility to suit Indian Business.

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Int-E-View Specialties »

  • Int-E-View offers Finance, Inventory, Production, Distribution, Sales & support, Customer services into a seamless business operation environment. Over 1500 various EIS/MIS reports, Powerful DRILLDOWN Zoom-In-Zoom-Out-Query and Dashboards.
  • Int-E-View is ISO 9000 sustainer & facilitates modern management techniques like BPR, JIT, BC Analysis, EOQ and Management by exception. EDI and BAR CODE interface.
  • Int-E-View multi features offers; multi– company, multi-currency multi–division, multi–factory consolidation, multiple methods of inventory valuations. ‘Int-E-View’ is employee independent i.e. employees come and go but systems remains in place, in fact it reduces manpower.
  • Int-E-View is available on multiple platforms viz. Windows 98,NT,XP,2000/2003, Client/Server-RDBMS (with backend of your choice MS-SQL 7.0 / 2000 / 2005, Oracle etc). Migration to higher platform is possible with the data.
  • Int-E-View is designed specifically for Indian business incorporating online EXCISE,  TDS etc.
  • Customization to the core program against patchwork / utilities by implementing agencies.

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Cost Benefit Analysis »

Int-E-View is already implemented at more than 400 sites all over India. We are proud to say that, we are the only Indian company having such large number of installations. This goes to prove that, Int-E-View is best suited for Indian business conditions, it is completely proven and matured with 400+ installation experience.

Cost involved in implementation of foreign ERP software would be exorbitant. It is open well known that for international ERP solutions, implementation costs is almost 5 to 6 times basic software cost. In addition too heavy recurring AMC cost. Incidence of minimum of 5 years cost for computing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for all software options, which you are evaluating are must . The cost, which you must consider, is

  • Cost of Software including user wise license fee.
  • Cost of customization / BPR for best fit.
  • Controlled cost and time of training, implementation ensures faster returns on investments.
  • Fewer hardware requirements for server, work stations, connectivity etc.
  • Investments only in the modules selected.
  • Reasonable cost of upgrades and cost of customization for upgrades.
  • Entitlement to ERP benefits in very short period with much lower opportunity cost involved.
  • Distributed servers at much lower cost.
  • Option of appropriate platform for remote locations with seamless integration to main server.
  • Fewer Hardware resources required.
  • Implementation time for Int-E-View is in months and the cost involved can be 1/5th to 1/10th.
  • If you wish you will be implement Int-E-View at some of your works /depots. During initial implementation at HO & base factory your people can get trained to do the same. PCSOFT will provide Software copies. If users need PCSOFT help will be available at extra cost.
  • Reduction in permanent recurring costs, eg. A.M.C., Up grades etc
  • Resulting in reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

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Int-E-View Vs International ERP packages / Int-E-view USPs »

  • International ERP has multiple pre-defined procedures / methods for every activity. User has to study all of those procedures and if you are lucky, you will find at least one procedure suitable to you. If not, you will have to make do with nearest suitable method / procedure.
    This is not case with Int-E-View, as we have developed solutions for Indian industry/ users; therefore there is no question of finding suitable method. Methods provided are suitable. As Int-E-View keeps separate switches each industry, it is possible to customize only for specific industry .
  • In international ERP solutions , customization is done for you by outside consultants and original software vendor is not aware of it . Thus migration to higher version is not possible as customization done for you is not available in higher versions or it may not work with higher version .
    That is not the case with Int-E-View as, PCSoft alone does all customization and hence it keeps track of all customization done for you and it will again come to you in new version / Updates or upgrades also.
  • International ERPs are OVER KILLs for it provides for large redundancies in every activity. It creates unnecessary inertia at the time of implementation. International ERP’s are elaborate / extensive.
    Int-E-View is lean and compact.
  • In case of International ERPs implementation, schedules are longer (in years) and Implementation costs are 5 to 10 times which comes out to some crores.
    Implementation time for Int-E-View is in months and the cost involved can be 1/5th to 1/10th. This ensures faster returns on investments.
  • Int-E-View is BPR enabler as it allows you to customize whatever you need in your BPR analysis.
    It may not be so in case of International ERPs as costs would be prohibitive.
  • India specific needs e.g. EXCISE automation, TDS automation, Taxation automation; Sub-contractor etc are in-built in Int-E-View. In case of International ERP’s it would need to be customized. This would result into patchwork utilities being written by outside agencies and the purpose of integration is lost. Cost will be Exorbitant. It also reduces efficiency of program and further additional data entry required to be done.
  • Distributed servers at much lower cost
  • Option of appropriate platform for remote locations with seamless integration to main server
  • Fewer Hardware resources required
  • Powerful DRILLDOWN Zoom-In-Zoom-Out-Query
  • Reduction in permanent recurring costs, eg. A.M.C., Up grades etc
  • Implementation time for Int-E-View is in months and the cost involved can be 1/5th to 1/10th
  • India specific needs online EXCISE, TDS, and Sales & Income Tax automation is built in.
  • A matured ‘Business Logic’ for Indian Industries evolved & enriched over the last 15 years and with 400+ installations.

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  • In case of in-house/out soured software, projects be aware that you are going to incur heavy cost on time, and also on the trial & error methodology involved. Even the focus is only on today’s requirements, which leads to automation of existing practices (it need not be the ideal/best business practices).
  • PCSoft offers you a mature ERP solution evolved & enriched over the last 15 years. Int-E-View is a set of business rules integrated proactively. Implementation experience at 400 plus locations all over India has made Int-e-View ‘An ideal business logic for Indian Industries’.
  • There is always 80: 20 syndrome. 80 % of development time takes 20% of total time and balance 20% (which is real perfection) takes 80 % of the time.
  • In case of Int-E-View 90-95% of your requirements gets satisfied with the ready software, balance 5-10% only may be required modifications for you and that too on outer non-core areas.
  • Customized solutions inherently carry risk of not seeing light of the day for several reasons viz. People working on the projects may quit or people who are working from your side may quit. Where as when you buy ready product and start using it in weeks time.
  • Small time solution provider develops products at your cost on the basis of your knowledge and you become guinea pig for all trials. Real cost is understanding and designing perfect ERP system and not programming it. Software is not completely proved unless and until at least one (preferably2) year-ends have not been done through it. Business rules & logic is important, not only the technology.
  • Last but not the least, check out for installation base of successfully implemented installations running for more than 18 months encompassing all aspects of business viz. Finance, Inventory & Production with seamless integration and no redundancy. Crux of ERP is non-redundant integration.

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